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Montego Bay Mentioned In Time’s Article, 5 Ways To Work & Live Abroad

In the career section of its site, wrote about 5 ways to live and work abroad. While it didn’t directly endorse Montego Bay as a destination to work abroad, it mentioned the story of someone from the United States who spent two years working in Montego Bay with the Peace Corps. Her job allowed her to work with the Montego Bay Marine park. I think that’s amazing, and a good opportunity too. Here’s the story.

Lauren DeFino, who’s now a teacher in the Bronx, wanted to see the world and help others at the same time. From 2005 to 2007, DeFino worked with the Peace Corps in Jamaica, where she was assigned to the Montego Bay Marine Park, and also worked as an education officer performing outreach in schools. DeFino says her job abroad led her to pursue teaching in the U.S. Not only has the Peace Corps been a great resume builder, DeFino says, but it also helped her make connections around the world.

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